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We produce and direct narrative and documentary content.


We believe that storytelling is the most powerful tool that we have as a collective whole. And intend to shape a narrative advancing themes and practices of social justice, female authorship, and empathetic expression of the human condition.


We are also parents to a hilarious, strong-willed, and often-times demanding toddler.




Recipient of an Artist Trust GAP Award (2017) and a 4Culture Art Projects Award (2016)

Worth My Salt, currently in post-production, follows queer, femme performance artist, Jody Kuehner, as she challenges audiences with her alter ego, Cherdonna Shinatra.



PERSONHOOD: Policing Pregnant Women in America tells a different reproductive rights story – one that ripples far beyond the right to choose and into the lives of every pregnant person in America. Like a moment from the chilling “Handmaid’s Tale,” Tammy Loertscher’s fetus was given an attorney, while the courts denied Tammy her constitutional rights. In this timely documentary, we see her sent to jail, and then forced to challenge a Wisconsin law that eroded her privacy, her right to due process, and her body sovereignty. Through her story, PERSONHOOD reframes the abortion debate to encompass the growing system of laws that criminalize and police pregnant people.

The film premiered at DOC NYC (2019) and was nominated for a Social Justice Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and Best Documentary Feature at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. The film has won the American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award for Documentaries, a Golden Badger Award at the Wisconsin Film Festival, and most recently, the Feature Documentary Silver Prize at the Social Justice Film Festival.

Produced in collaboration with Tandybrook Productions in cooperation with Women Make Movies.


Seattle International Film Festival premiere (2015)
Winner, Best Short Documentary, West Virginia Filmmakers Festival

The Things We Keep  is a meditation on one man’s yearly sojourn into the Coconino Forest to collect firewood and re-connect with his roots. As he recounts his early inspirations and life as a sawmill worker, we discover a past based in a simpler time.

The Things We Keep has been featured on KCTS’s Reel NW and on Alaska Airlines Best of SIFF channel.


Best Short Documentary, Columbia Gorge International Film Festival (2013)

On October 31, 2009, Seattle Police Officer Timothy Q. Brenton was killed in the line of duty. At the funeral, the SFD bagpipes and drums band graciously played, inspiring Brenton’s partner, Ryan Gallagher, to form a band within his own organization. Set against the sonic backdrop of their own piping and drumming, this is the story of their inspiration and pride for their role in the community and their reverent respect of their responsibility in the honor of fallen officers.




Currently in post-production. Produced in partnership as Project Evolution, a collaboration with Illuxion, Post EQ, and Synergy Productions.


A prodigal sister returns to her home in the San Juan Islands, desiring to sell an original Dali, the family heirloom, to save the world she and her husband have built. But first, she must win the artwork by defeating her free-spirited sister in the way they have since they were children – a yoga battle.

Yoga for Salvador was the recipient of an Orcas Island Film Festival production grant, and was filmed in Seattle and on location in Orcas Island, Washington.


Winner, Audience Award, Utah Arts Festival
Winner, Jury Mention, Utah Arts Festival
Winner, Audience Award, Eugene International Film Festival

We wander through our lives, sometimes intertwined in others’ paths, but essentially alone along on the journey. As our universe revolves around our own individual experiences, we tend to forget the joys, the pains, struggles, the emotions that surround us. Turning Point opts to demonstrate how short and finite and fragile life truly is, and how, in dwelling on the machine of daily life sometimes blocks the chance to truly see and savor the moments that escape us with every breath we take.

Filmed in collaboration with Public Displays of Affection.


Iron is a short period drama set in the Pacific Northwest inspired by the true stories of women railroad workers during the early 1900s.

Lily Cohen escapes the the crowded tenements of New York to take on a demanding railway job. Determined to work on a steam engine, a position not traditionally held by women, Lilly faces the hostility of her fellow railroad workers while finding her own inner strength.

Iron was shot in Snoqualmie, WA, in cooperation with the Northwest Railway Museum, utilizing authentic period steam engines. The film’s genesis was inspired by a 4Culture site-specific grant that was awarded to the writing/producing team in 2015.


Special Jury Prize, Seattle International Film Festival (2013)

Set in 1942, DECIMATION finds ten Russian soldiers who have been accused of cowardice on the Eastern Front and are being temporarily imprisoned. A Red Army General decides to utilize the ancient Roman punishment of decimation, where one soldier is drawn at random and the other nine serve as his executioner. The film chronicles the men’s last traumatic hours before the execution, revealing horrors of war, collective experiences, and dreams for a normal post-war life.

Filmed in collaboration with Legacy Pictures and Kris Kidd Productions.


Rosalie Miller, producer, director, and co-founder of Wanderhouse.


Rosalie is an award-winning filmmaker, actor and co-founder of Wanderhouse. She produces commercial video, branded content, and narrative and documentary film. She is currently in production on her second documentary, Worth My Salt, a 2017 GAP Award recipient and 2016 4Culture Artist Award recipient. Her documentary short debut, The Things We Keep, premiered at the 2015 Seattle International Film Festival and was picked up by Alaska Airlines and KCTS9 Reel NW. She also serves as a producer on the feature-length documentary, Personhood, which will premiere at DOC NYC in November. The film is a recent winner of a 2018 CityArtists Project Grant. Other awards include: WIF Seattle Professional Grant, AmDocs Film Fund Grant, and an Arts Project Award with 4Culture. Rosalie is a sleep deprived, new mom, to a very happy and emotional toddler, who is her North Star. She’s also a member of Women Make Movies, Seattle Documentary Association, and Women in Film Seattle.

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Stefan has been working on both sides of the camera for over a decade, appearing in over 50 films and series, including Dawson’s CreekZ NationEden, and A Bit of Bad Luck. He’s worked as producer on studio-released feature films, Heart of the Country and I Am, award-winning short films, Turning PointDecimationThe Things We Keep, and Solid Blue (also directed), a major cable network pilot, and several music videos. The forthcoming doc, Personhood, on which he partnered with Rosalie as consulting producer, will be  premiering at 2019 DOC NYC. Stefan’s first narrative film as director, Yoga for Salvador, began a successful festival run at the Orcas Island Film Festival, and his follow-up, Ranch Hands, is currently in post. He has two additional films currently in pre-production, set for completion in 2020. Stefan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Appalachian State University, studied photography at Santa Monica College, and leads as a Creative Director at Rational, a Seattle CX firm.

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We’ve produced films that have been featured on Netflix, Hulu, PBS, and Amazon Prime.

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have received support from funders like Artist Trust, 4Culture, AmDocs Film Fund, Orcas International Film Festival, and Women in Film Seattle, and have won awards at festivals nationally.



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